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Alternative to CPAP machine offered by Willoughby Hills dentist

Alternative to Cpap Machine Offered by Willoughby Hills Area Dentist

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you’ve likely been told that a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is the best way to treat it. While these machines are highly effective when used properly, they present a number of comfort and usability issues that lead to many patients abandoning their use. At Snoring and CPAP Solutions in Willoughby Hills, Dr. Michael Stern, a dentist highly qualified in dental sleep medicine, offers patients a convenient and comfortable alternative: oral appliance therapy. Read on to learn more about the benefits this effective treatment and how it works to treat sleep apnea.

What is oral appliance therapy and how does it work?

Oral appliance therapy is a truly breakthrough method for treating sleep apnea. While CPAP machines have been used for decades, many patients find them uncomfortable and loud, and they can cause issues with allergies, congestion, and other difficulties. As an alternative, oral appliance therapy is simple and has been shown to be effective at treating sleep apnea. It consists of a custom-made mouthpiece that you wear in your mouth while you sleep. The mouthpiece is specially designed to keep your airway open while you sleep by keeping your jaw and tongue in an optimal position and preventing your soft tissues from collapsing into the back of your throat.

Benefits of oral appliance therapy

Patients who have tried oral appliance therapy to treat their sleep apnea love it for several reasons. It is:

  • Safe – there are many types of oral appliances approved by the FDA for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • Effective – oral appliance therapy is highly effective at keeping your airway open while you sleep, preventing apneic episodes
  • Convenient – the appliance is incredibly portable, does not require electricity, and is easy to travel with; in fact, it could fit in your pocket!
  • Easy to care for – simple cleaning techniques are all the maintenance your oral appliance needs
  • Comfortable – you just wear the custom-designed appliance while you sleep, with no face masks, noisy equipment, or tubing required
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Dr. Michael Stern

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Dr. Michael Stern

Snoring and CPAP Solutions LLC is committed to helping patients with sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea that interferes with their day to day life. Dr. Stern is a Qualified member of The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and holds more than 2 decades of experience in the field.
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