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Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a classification of sleep-disordered breathing. It’s characterized by pauses in breathing that occur during sleep. There are two different types of sleep apnea: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when your throat muscles relax and allow your tongue to fall back into your airway, whereas central sleep apnea (CSA) occurs when your brain stops sending proper signals to your muscles that control your breathing. 

If you’ve been noticing any symptoms of a sleep disorder, we highly recommend undergoing a sleep test. Even if you’re not experiencing a sleep disorder, it’s important to know with certainty. Once you have a diagnosis, Dr. Stern can help you find a treatment method that works best for you.


Common Symptoms  

The main symptom of sleep apnea is repeatedly gasping for air throughout the night. However, there are other symptoms to look out for, including:

  • Snoring: The most common and recognizable symptom, patients typically have frequent, loud bouts of snoring, intermixed with brief silences. 
  • Nighttime choking: Immediately after an apneic event, the person may gasp, cough, or snort, often without fully waking.
  • Fatigue: People suffering from sleep disorders don’t get adequate rest most nights leading to possible trouble waking up in the morning, dozing off during the day, or simply feeling run down consistently. 
  • Insomnia: Some patients may suffer from waking up throughout the night unexpectedly or have trouble falling asleep, no matter how tired they are. 
  • Headaches: It’s common for patients with sleep disorders to wake up with a headache in the morning, which usually fades gradually throughout the day.
A Woman Having Trouble with Sleeping because of Sleep Apnea


How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Health

OSA not only drains your energy, but it can also lead to severe health conditions. Untreated sleep disorders have been linked to:

  • Hypertension
  • Stroke & Heart Disease
  • Cognitive Disfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Asthma 

Treating sleep disorders can prevent these health conditions and help you feel more energized throughout the day. It’s crucial to seek a diagnosis and get treatment as soon as you feel you may be having issues with sleep apnea, saving you from unnecessary stress.

A Couple having issues sleeping because of sleep apnea
Dr. Michael Stern

Snoring and CPAP Solutions LLC
Dr. Michael Stern

Snoring and CPAP Solutions LLC is committed to helping patients with sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea that interferes with their day to day life. Dr. Stern is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and holds more than 2 decades of experience in the field.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Stern

If you feel you’re living with sleep apnea or experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stern. Both our experienced dental team and Dr. Stern are committed to helping our patients with sleep disorders and providing them with the best solutions for their unique cases. Contact our Lake Country practice by calling (440) 833-6008.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can affect anyone, at any age. However, some people have a greater risk including: people over the age of 40, anyone with a large neck, obese or overweight people, and males.

No. Snoring is the sound produced when the airway is restricted, but not closed. In and of itself, snoring is harmless because the person is still breathing, although loudly. However, it is also a red flag, because snoring is the number one symptom of apnea. There is no breathing during an apneic event, but there is usually loud snoring immediately after, when the airway is beginning to reopen.

No. Snoring is a common symptom. However, every person is different. It is possible to have apnea without snoring.

A medical examination or self-assessment might indicate the potential for sleep apnea. However, the only way to accurately diagnose sleep disorders is with a sleep study, which may be performed in a laboratory or with an at-home test.

There are several potential factors. Some people naturally have a narrow airway, or it may be restricted by facial anatomy, such as a small jaw. In other cases, obesity, inflammation, or excess laxity of soft tissues in the area.

CPAP (continued positive airway pressure) is a machine that forces air into the airway, keeping it open during sleep. It is considered very effective when used correctly and consistently. However, patient compliance is low because many people object to the uncomfortable mask, constant noise, and cumbersome machine.

Yes! Many patients who cannot tolerate CPAP find relief with a comfortable, convenient, custom-made oral appliance. It works by stabilizing oral structures during sleep, preventing airway collapse.

Some patients report mild muscle soreness in the mornings, especially for the first few days. Most people adjust to wearing the appliance within about ten days, and find it to be very comfortable. They are considered safe and effective, with over 100 appliances having earned FDA clearance.

We test the effectiveness of the therapy with a follow-up sleep test. The results are compared to those of the pre-treatment test to measure improvement.

That depends entirely on the specific insurance carrier and policy. Generally speaking, dental insurance rarely covers apnea appliances, but medical insurance may. Please contact your provider to find out the limits of your coverage. We would be pleased to research your medical coverage as well!

Avoid sleeping on your back. Side sleeping is much better. Most importantly, treat your apnea, don’t just cope with it. If you are unhappy with your current solution, look into alternatives.

Just contact our Snoring & CPAP Solutions LLC office in Willoughby Hills (near Classic Lexus) and arrange a free apnea consultation with Dr. Stern.


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